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Medicine doctor working with modern digital tablet pc

Remote Consultation

In order to provide our patients, both in Israel and abroad, access to consultation at the highest level, anywhere in the world, we have created a unique and exclusive collaboration (in the Center’s field of expertise) with the company “Bikurofe”, which has developed a designated application for this purpose. The application allows a virtual work environment that includes all the requirements and conditions for the provision of consulting at the highest level.

Significant benefits:

  1. A patient who is unsure of the need for surgery, will be able to get an opinion that in some applicable cases, would save the expensive trip and the strain associated with it.
  2. Should a surgery be required, the application will enable the patient to familiarize with the doctor and form an opinion prior to the patient’s arrival to a foreign country, under unpleasant circumstances. This will decrease the stress and a sense of alienation.
  3. Minimize time-out- the doctor will provide an advance consultation, and advise on the necessary tests that must be performed before arrival in Israel. This will allow streamlining of the process so you can minimize your stay in Israel, reducing your overall costs.
  4. Cost saving – if the consulted patient comes to Israel for an operation within a period of up to one month from the date of the virtual consultation, additional payment will not be charged for the pre-operative consultation at the clinic.
  5. For patients choosing to receive consultation from the best experts and remain for treatment in their home country (or with a different doctor), A.R.M will provide a comfortable, professional and efficient consultation, and the patient will be able to make a more informed decision regarding the medical solutions available for them.

The application includes:

  • Information about every doctor- a photograph and professional background
  • The option to schedule an appointment directly, easily and fast
  • Upload of large examination files (that cannot be transmitted via regular email accounts) as preliminary information for the consultation
  • Pre-consultation questionnaire on general medical background, sensitivities and medication
  • Place for additional free text as needed
  • Performing the consultation itself comfortably with the option of an additional connection point (in another geographical location)
  • A summary of the consultation that will be sent to the patient at the end of the consultation
  • The option to receive a prescription for medication
  • Medication delivery from Israel to any place in the world
  • Payment

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