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The Medical Staff

We follow the Specialty Practice Group model, a working model that combines leading experts in their field, each with a different sub-specialty, and allows for an important integration of a broad professional vision, to maximize the quality of care. The doctors in the center chose to follow this model because they believe in this course of action, which combines professionalism and a work environment that contributes to the feeling of belonging and the cozy atmosphere that exists there.

Our doctors are among the leaders in their fields in Israel, as well as around the world. They acquired their education in medical schools in Israel, and continued to specialize in major hospitals in Western Europe, USA and Canada. Most of them are directors of departments and units in hospitals in Israel, and/or serve as chairmen of the scientific unions through which they have obtained their subspecialty. They regularly continue to gain expertise in various advanced study programs around the world, and even impart their experience in the context of medical student rounds, articles, lectures and participation in live surgeries at international conferences.

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Assuta Hospital, Ramat HaHayal, 20 HaBarzel St. Tel Aviv

Phone Number: 03-7645464 | Fax: 03-7645462

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