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Utilization of Rights

We do our best to make it easier for the patient and help him with complex processes with relevant insuring parties.
Our administrative staff closely accompanies the patient and his or her family, and ensures that they fully receive their entire insurance benefits from both the health maintenance organizations (HMO) and the insurance companies. This process will continue until the certificates of approval have been obtained from the financing party.

A.R.M doctors are physicians who are listed under the agreements with the “Maccabi” health fund and the leading insurance companies on the market.


“Maccabi” Healthcare- If you are insured under the supplementary insurance of Maccabi Healthcare (Silver Shield / Gold Shield / Maccabi Sheli) you are entitled to three consultations a year financed by the Maccabi, plus excess insurance. Even if you have already visited a specialist three times through the Additional Health Services (the insurance tier of the Maccabi) you will benefit from a low consultation fee under the agreement with the fund.

Insurance companies and “Leumit” Health Fund- if you are insured under the supplementary insurance of Leumit Health Fund or one of the insurance companies (Harel, Migdal, Phoenix, Menorah, Clal, etc.) you are entitled to a refund upon presentation of an invoice and a receipt (subject to the terms of your personal policy).


If there is a need for a surgical procedure, we will be happy to review with you the options of coverage, funding and benefits granted to you as part of a health fund and / or your private insurance, and we will advise you on the best way to use them.

There are different types of insurance policies on the market. Many of us pay for two insurance policies – both through an insurance company and the tier of health fund insurance. The center’s administrative staff will check your personal insurance situation for you, and then will recommend the best way to fully utilize your rights accordingly. After deciding on the course of action, the team will be in direct contact with the relevant insuring parties (insurance companies, health funds) till the acceptance of commitments.

* Important- even though we are committed to providing full service to ensure that you utilize your full rights, we will not be able to do this without your help. Your cooperation is imperative in order to succeed in our mission and to do it efficiently and quickly.


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