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Assuta Hospital

A.R.M works closely with “Assuta” hospital. Our clinic within the Assuta building, as well as being a large and prestigious group of leading doctors, gives us clear advantages: our clinic affords a close physical proximity for excellent communication and working relationships between the different specialists, a close relationship with any ancillary services- the performance of tests, pre-surgical activity, anesthesia process and operating room staff, and ending with personal acquaintance and daily presence in the hospitalization ward.

Some important facts about “Assuta” hospital:

  • “Assuta” hospital is the largest surgical hospital in Israel. 13% of all surgical procedures in Israel are performed in “Assuta” hospital.
  • Auxiliary departments operate alongside advanced operating rooms, such as intensive care, anesthesiology department and an array of consultants.
  • The standard of treatment at “Assuta” is the highest in Israel, as well as the levels of safety and control of medical activity.
  • Patient safety- is emphasized as utmost important, which is reflected in everything starting from the level of practitioners, through the staff of the departments and ending with the entire hospital system.
  • The risk management department regularly and meticulously engages in analysis of “incidents” and “almost incidents”, refinement of existing procedures and the creation of new procedures, and no less importantly: their integration into the system.
  • This is exemplified through examining the rate of infections at “Assuta” hospital is the lowest in Israel.
  • “Assuta” hospital is certified by JCI in terms of medical quality and safety.
  • “Assuta’s” imaging array is the most advanced and sophisticated of its kind in Israel, which provides patients with the latest in imaging technology, including advanced CT and CT-PET, sophisticated MRI and a two-headed nuclear camera.
  • Hospitalization- “Assuta” offers very luxurious hotel-like conditions so that the treatment experience is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.
  • Customized hospitalization program- a customized hospitalization program is offered to patients, which contains personalized treatments and services at the highest level.
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Assuta Hospital, Ramat HaHayal, 20 HaBarzel St. Tel Aviv

Phone Number: 03-7645464 | Fax: 03-7645462

Opening Hours


08:00 - 21:00


08:00 - 13:00