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Dr. Yonatan Lahav
Director of surgery of vocal cords, breathing and swallowing disorders unit

"My motto at work: It is important to know how to diagnose, warn, prescribe the appropriate medication and perform surgery properly. It is no less important to know how to soothe, dispel fears, inspire confidence, and ‘be there’ for the patient"

Dr. Lahav is a graduate of the Medical School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He specialized in otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery at Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot.

From 2007 to 2008 he completed a sub-specialization in: surgery of the larynx and vocal cords at the Massachusetts General Hospital Medical Center of Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Dr. Lahav’s clinical practice includes diagnosis of vocal cord diseases via stroboscopy, treatment of hoarseness, voice disorders of singers, actors and artists, removal of benign lesions from the vocal cords, resection of cancerous tumors via a minimally-invasive laser technique, reconstruction and rehabilitation of damaged vocal cords, correction of damage caused by smoking, treatment of throat and tracheal stenosis and surgical correction of vocal cord paralysis. Treatments are performed under general anesthesia, or local anesthesia at the clinic, depending on the type of problem and the treatment plan.

Dr. Jonathan Lahav engages in research in addition to his clinical work. He has delivered presentations at dozens of medical conferences in Israel and around the world, and publishes papers in professional journals. For his clinical work and research, he has received awards from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the Israeli Association of Otorhinolaryngology and the American Laryngological Association.

Dr. Lahav is a senior doctor and surgeon at Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot, and the director of its throat surgery and vocal cord diseases unit.

Membership in Professional Organizations:

  • Israeli Association of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
  • The European Laryngological (larynx and vocal cords) Association
  • Israeli Society of Head and Neck Surgery


English, Hebrew

Key Treatment Areas

  • Flexible fiber-optic examination
  • Examination for the diagnosis of snoring and sleep apnea reasons DISE
  • Rigid stroboscopy examination
  • Esophageal Examination
  • Examination of the swallowing mechanism
  • Tracheal Examination
  • Biopsy of the vocal cord
  • Edema of the vocal cords
  • Granuloma
  • Botox injection under local anesthesia
  • Injection of synthetic fillers
  • Adhesion of vocal cords
  • Laryngeal and tracheal stenosis, open or endoscopic method
  • Voice rejuvenation
  • Laser treatment under local anesthesia
  • Warts on the vocal cords
  • Laser or robotic surgery
  • Vocal cords cancer
  • Polyp on the vocal cords
  • Papilloma
  • Cyst on the vocal cords
  • Scar on the vocal cords
  • Bilateral paralysis of vocal cords
  • Unilateral paralysis of vocal cord

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Assuta Hospital, Ramat HaHayal, 20 HaBarzel St. Tel Aviv

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