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Dr. Annat Blank
Director of the radiology unit

"“My approach in my profession and life in general is: “What is hateful unto you, do not do to your friend”, so I try to give patients the same treatment that I would want to receive, if I were in their place. As a doctor, it is important for me to be professional, continue to be up to date in the field, but no less important is not to give up on the human side and to give each patient the feeling that I see the full picture, including allocating plenty of time to ask questions and allay concerns”"

Dr. Annat Blank, a specialist in diagnostic radiology, has been a senior physician for 20 years. She is the director of the MRI unit in Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov), an expert in body imaging, with extensive experience in ultrasound- and CT-guided invasive operations.

Key Treatment Areas

  • Cervical Doppler US – with a focus on the thyroid and oncological cases before surgery and postoperative follow-ups and treatments
  • Abdominal and pelvic US – enhanced demonstration of the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, kidney and urinary tract – including Doppler
  • US aimed at the abdominal wall and groin, in hernia and lump investigation.
  • Testicular US – including Doppler
  • Fine needle aspiration (FNA) of the thyroid
  • Fine needle aspiration (FNA) and fine needle biopsy (FNB) of lymph nodes in the neck, armpits and groin
  • Fine needle aspiration (FNA) and fine needle biopsy (FNB) of lumps in the liver and kidneys
  • Fine needle aspiration (FNA) and fine needle biopsy (FNB) of lumps in the abdomen and pelvis, including the omentum
  • Fine needle biopsy (FNB) of soft tissue lumps in soft tissues in the limbs or thoracic wall or abdominal wall
  • Diagnostic or therapeutic puncture of abdominal and pelvic ascites.

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Assuta Hospital, Ramat HaHayal, 20 HaBarzel St. Tel Aviv

Phone Number: 03-7645464 | Fax: 03-7645462

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