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Gender Unit

Luckily we were born in a time when everyone can choose who he wants to be. In the Gender Adjustment Unit, we routinely deal with subjects that are related to, among other things, the transformation (sometimes) required of one of us who is born in a way that does not fully reflect his inner feelings. As part of the unit, we provide a tailor-made solution for each and every one of our clients, in order to achieve the optimal fit for the patient. The Unit offers treatments such as:
  1. Trans-oral Thyroid Shave - Laryngotracheoplasty (reduction of the Adam's apple) which is conducted by Dr. Avi Hefetz, a specialist in ENT and Head and Neck medicine. Surgery for changing the structure of the Adam's apple is performed without the need for an external incision that leaves scars- it is a unique surgery developed by Dr. Avi Hefetz, and it is solely and exclusively performed at A.R.M Medical Center.       for further reading  >>>
  2. Hormone therapy - prescribed by Dr. Iris Yaish, a specialist in internal and endocrinological medicine. In order to treat the physiological changes necessary for gender reassignment, the metabolism of the hormones needs to be addressed. Dr. Yaish specializes in the field of transgenders and has taken part in the personal-physical makeover process of many individuals, ensuring their experience remains as natural and difficulties-free as possible.
  3. Facial feminization surgery - performed by Dr. Yoav Leiser, an oral and maxillofacial specialist, an expert in facial reconstruction. Dr. Leiser is a specialist when it comes to changes to the maxillofacial bone structure, eye socket, chin, forehead and alike. The process requires gender-related facial reassignment, that is, when transitioning from male to female (or vice versa) the mandibular angles, forehead, and chin require removal/ change. In addition, and if the need arises, lip fillers with different materials are used. In many cases, the surgery involves 3D printed implants that are printed to fit the patient's specific facial structure through individual computed tomography images. That way, the face can be fully shaped to fit the existing facial structure as well as the desired outcome without contradictions.
  4. Voice feminization - performed by Dr. Hagit Shoffel Havakuk, a specialist in ENT medicine and vocal cords. In most cases, when a woman transitions into a man, the administration of male hormones thickens the voice. In the opposite case, in which a man becomes a woman, the vocal cords remain the same and the voice stays low and masculine. Dr. Havakuk specialized in the US in vocal cord surgeries to be able to create the higher tone of voice normally associated with women. There is a large variety of voice feminization surgeries that include endoscope surgeries without incisions.

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